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The Highrise Game

ID Number: 46720
Maker: Anderson Graphics
Technique: offset
Date Made: Circa 1980
Place Made: United States: California, San Francisco
Measurements: 56 cm x 43 cm; 22 1/16 in x 16 15/16 in;
Main Subject: Housing
Materials: paper (fiber product)
Digitized: Y

Full Text:
The Highrise Game Your workplace is sold and torn down to build a 10-story parking garage. Lose your job. Air pollution increases because of glut of cars, trucks & buses. Cancer and respiratory disease rate goes up in your neighborhood. Noise from passing trucks & fire engines gives you a nervous condition. New highrises need police, traffice control and fire protection services. Their taxes won't cover costs. You pay increased taxes. You pay a higher sewer tax. Sunlight to your back yard is blocked by highrise. Develop a vitamin D deficiency. More cars means more accidents. S.F. becomes a higher risk area. Your auto insurance goes up. Prop. 13 lowered taxes paid by highrise owners. Your sewer service charge and other fees go up. Commuters ride Muni but don't pay city taxes. Streetcars & buses deteriorate more quickly. You pay increased fares & taxes. Muni service slowed by congestion of commuter cars. Arrive late for your doctor's appointment. Par rking lem. Resident hotel is torn down for new highrise site. 75 elderly poor are forced to leave San Francisco. Historic building demollished for highrise site. A perfectly sound building with a beautiful dome, built in 1907. Lose part of S.F.'s historical heritage. You pay. Parking crunch gets worse as your neighborhood becomes a commuter parking lot. Get blisters walking home from your car. Your formerly sunny kitchen window is in the shadow of a new highrise. All your plants die. No parking places near where you work. Pay $3 a day to a parking garage or $10 day in parking fines. Your workplace is sold and torn down for highrise site. Lose your job. High winds created by artificial canyons blow trash into your neighborhood. You pay increased street cleaning taxes. Increased traffic through your neighborhood. The family dog gets hit by a car. 30,000 additional cars put a strain on the city's streeets. You pay increased street maintenance costs. 100,000 new workers for highrises want to live close to their new jobs. Pay a big increase in your rent or property taxes. Muni streetcars & buses jammed to the roof because of downtown parking crunch. Lose 1 dozen eggs and your wallet to a pickpocket. Increased traffic through your neighborhood because of 30,000 extra commuter cars. Get bronchitis from increased pollution. 45 highrises have been constructed in San Francisco since 1960. At this rate, there will be 40 more highrises downtown by 1990, unless we limit them. This would bring 100,000 more commuters and 30,000 more cars into San Francisco every day. The effect of this on our quality of life, and on the city we love, could be disastrous. It's not too late to put reasonable limits on highrise growth! Game Rules: Start anywhere on the board and roll one dice. Everyone living in San Francisco will be forced to play. The only way not to play is to leave the game board, or to help us pass the Highrise Control Initiative in November. Big Business wants us to play (and pay), and will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to prevent us from passsing the Initiative. If they succeed, we're all in the game. And the game never ends. San Francisco for Reasonable Growth 9 First Street, Room 826, San Francisco, CA 94015 (415)566-7050 Terry H. Covert, Treasurer I.D. 790394 Support The Highrise Control Initiative! Produced by Anderson Graphics, 863-2286 [union bug]

Acquisition Number: 2015-082

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