SB-1 Must Be Scrapped

ID Number: 32567
Maker: Jackrabbit Press
Technique: silkscreen
Date Made: 1973
Place Made: United States: Oregon, Eugene
Measurements: 56 cm x 44.5 cm; 22 1/16 in x 17 1/2 in
Main Subject: Prisons & Prisoners; Capital Punishment; Viet Nam War Era
Materials: paper (fiber product)
Digitized: Y

Full Text:
On January 15, 1975, at the opening of the 94th cited as the "Criminal Code Reform Act" of 1975, was introduced by U.S. senators Bayh (D-Ind.), Eastland (D-Miss.), McClellan (D-Ark.), Mansfield (D-Mont.), Moss (D-Utah), Fong (R-Ha.), Griffins (R-Mich.), Hruska (R-Neb.), Scott (R-Penn.), Taft (R-Ohio), and Tower (R-Texas). These are just some of the repressive features of SB-1 - other sections deal with the Entrapment* Secrecy* Wiretapping* Contempt of Congress* Obscenity* Civil Rights* Police Force and Theft of Intellectual Property. SB-1 must be scrapped, it represents a transfer of power into the hands of a federal government already involved in the mechanizations of repression and already gearing up through the Law Enforcement Assistance Ass., and other police forces, for the stormy economic and social climate which they fear might lead the American people to consider radial alternatives. SB-1 must be fought now, to wait may be too late for the thousands of people now facing or soon to face trial, particularly prison activists. It will certainly be too late for anyone on death row. U.S. Senators should be urged to send S.B.1 back for further hearings to eliminate it's [sic: its] repressive features, or oppose it altogether when it comes up for a vote. Representatives should be urged to press for full house hearings on S.B.1's companion bill H.R. 333 which also contains serious repressive features which must be eliminated. Smith Act [....] Death Penalty [....] Leading A Riot [....] Sentencing [....] Marijuana [....] Demonstrations [....] Insanity [....] Sabotage [....] Watergate [....] Thanks to Liberation & U. of Akron Law Review printed & published by Maude-Gonne Press, Oakland, Ca & Jackrabbit Press, Eugene, OR Oct 75 jackrabbit design

Acquisition Number: 2009-051

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